Jouw rechten als consument

Your rights as a consumer

March 15 is Consumer Law Day. A good moment to go into this in more detail in ordinary people's language. In this blog I explain what your rights are when you buy something from Beezonder .

Thinking time

If you buy something over the internet, you are doing a distance sale. You have a legal cooling-off period of 14 days. This means that you may return (part of) the products within 14 days after receiving your order. Without you having to tell me why you don't want to keep it.

If you want to return products, you can use the return form or send an e-mail (for a quick handling, please state your order number). You then have 14 days to post the package.

You pay the costs for the return yourself. I can charge you for this and this way I prevent people from ordering and returning indiscriminately. Those shipping costs add up quite a bit in the papers.

I do make that part extra easy for you; you will receive a shipping label from me with the correct postage. So you don't have to go after that yourself anymore 😉

As soon as I have received the return form or your e-mail , I must refund the purchase price including shipping costs within 14 days. I will deduct the costs for returning from this. I will transfer the remaining amount to you.

You just don't have a reflection period with personalized items . After all, these are made especially for you and I can no longer sell them to someone else.

If I have accidentally sent you a wrong or broken item, you do not have to pay any costs for returning it. In this case it is useful for a quick solution that you e-mail a photo to me.

What can you do with the product during those 14 days?

You may unpack and try the product, but do not use it intensively. For example, check whether your make-up fits in the toiletry bag , whether you have enough space to write on the calendar and whether the bag is large enough for your groceries. But if you've already written on a card , it can't be returned 😏

My obligation to provide information to you as a consumer

I must and give you the most important characteristics of the products such as material, color, dimensions and of course the price.

You must be able to easily find the delivery time, additional costs such as shipping costs and the details of my company.

This information can be found in the header and footer, but you can also read everything on our handy Frequently Asked Questions page or in the Terms and Conditions .