Haal de lente in huis!

Bring spring into your home!

POOF! Suddenly there was spring 🌼
Despite all the measures of the past period, I think time has passed quickly. So fast, that it finally failed to get the house ready for spring.
I'm not talking about spring cleaning, I'm sticking to the fun stuff. Someone else will tell you something about that cleaning.
Bringing spring into your home. You can make it as crazy as you want. Or as easy as you want it. It's just how you want to look at it 😏
Flowers quickly brighten up your home. Go for a ready-made bouquet, choose a few different colors of tulips or get some daffodils and blue grapes, for example. A few (extra) green plants will soon give you the outdoor feeling in your home.
Buy some accessories in spring colors and style. A different cushion cover or rug already makes a difference. Score a new poster and some new cards for the frames and you get a lot of new accessories for a small amount. Give everything a different place and it looks like you've shopped together a whole new interior!
Fancy going a step further? Paint 1 wall in your house in a cheerful or light spring color. Trust me, it will feel like you've redecorated the whole room right away.
Lots of fun!