Complimenten zijn gezond!

Compliments are healthy!

Giving (and receiving!) compliments is fun! You make someone else feel good and you feel better yourself.

But giving and receiving a compliment is more than just fun. Research shows that it is even important for the health of our psyche 💛

Compliments cause the production of dopamine in our brains. This creates a positive feeling. The giver, who ensures a better relationship, also produces oxytocin and serotonin. A cuddle hormone and happiness hormone.

Unfortunately, we are less and less good at complimenting 😓 We are so busy with our own schedules that we know the other less well and therefore compliment less often. While we can benefit more from such a compliment due to the stress that we experience more often these days.

Now I like to sprinkle around with a good feeling, because I like that my loved ones know that I appreciate them and am proud of them as they are. Will you join me? Send your friend, colleague or family member a nice card to know that you appreciate him or her!