Zo kom je Blue Monday een stuk vrolijker door

This way you will get through Blue Monday a lot happier

The third Monday in January should be the most depressing day of the year. You have recovered from the busy and expensive December month, but you also realize that the cold, dark days are far from over and the good intentions are already in the trash. Fortunately, Blue Monday is only something that has been mentioned by a psychologist and no evidence has ever been found. So let's enjoy this Blue Monday, and the other days when you may not be feeling well,Β just have a nice day. These are 10 cheerful tips to boost your Monday.

Tip 1. Smile!Β 

Make yourself ( and someone else ) laugh! Research has shown that if you put on a smile you will really smile. This is how you create endorphins that make you feel happy. So make funny faces, laugh about it in the mirror and you can happily go for it again!

Tip 2. Give a compliment

Give extra compliments to others today and you will see that you get them back too. Getting a compliment is often good for your mood. You are happy and your colleague/girlfriend/neighbor/mother is happy: a win-win situation!

Tip 3. Make a list of things that make you happyΒ 

These can be big and small things, such as a nice cup of coffee or a short walk in the fresh air. Write them down and you will see that there are enough things to make you happy. And as a bonus, you might actually be able to do one of those things on Blue Monday.

Tip 4. Think about a vacation

Even though it may still be far away and uncertain, the anticipation certainly does something to your mood. Think about where you want to go and let yourself be taken to this prospect online. And maybe you secretly book something nice too!

Tip 5. Go to bed on time

Grab that extra hour of extra sleep, especially now that it's been dark for so long. Too little sleep is an important cause of not feeling well. Going to bed early will make you feel better.

Tip 6. Move!Β 

Go out for half an hour for a walk or a bike ride. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you move nicely. This also releases endorphins and you automatically feel better. It rains? Then jump through the puddles and take a nice hot shower at home.

Tip 7. Meet up with a friend

Even if it's a Monday. You don't just have to do fun things at the weekend, you can also watch a movie together on Monday evening or drink a cup of coffee. Can't get together? Call, Skype, Zoom or app!

Tip 8. Make your food a party

Make a feast of every course today. Dive into the kitchen for something extra delicious. For example, invest your bread with double toppings (peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles is such a winner!). Treat yourself to a tasty (healthy) takeaway meal, or conjure up a feast yourself. Give yourself an extra snack, it doesn't even have to be unhealthy. Like these healthy snickers muffins or healthy banana bread πŸ˜‹

Tip 9. Make those good intentions again

You can make good intentions every day if you want. So they haven't quite succeeded yet? Just try again!

Tip 10. Realize it's just a normal day

So don't let the Blue Monday hype take you too far. It's an ordinary day that will pass by itself. Before you know it, it's Tuesday already!