Voor jou: Zou je liever..? spel - Halloween stijl

For you: Would you rather…? game - Halloween style

Now that we can't do big parties this year for Halloween, we'll come up with something else fun! In this blog post I give all kinds of fun tips to make this day a Special Halloween!

Free Halloween game

Would you rather or: Would you rather. The game where you have to choose from two (impossible) choices. It could be two nice choices, or two terrible choices. You cannot combine the two choices, because then you are just cheating. You will see that the best conversations follow. The handy thing about this game is that you can do this anywhere and with as many or as few people as you want. Nice and easy!

I've made 30 Would you rather... Halloween style questions for you to play through. For young and old. Now that we can't go to big parties, trick or treat at the door and not be allowed to be in 1 room with too many people, this game is ideal! So you can play it with 2 but just as well with 10 people. Do you want to play with several people who are not (or cannot be) in your house? Then use a video call to play the game at a safe distance! There is also a sheet of "empty" cards. Maybe you have a great Would you rather.. ask that I didn't think of 😍

Download the game , save and print. Cut out the cards, turn the stack upside down and the person whose turn it is asks the question to someone. After someone has answered, he or she can take a card and ask the next question to someone else.

Do you use this freebie as a game during Halloween? super cool! Share your photo on social media with #beezonderehalloween 😍