Voor de kleintjes: Gooi een Jack O'Lantern

For the little ones: Throw a Jack O'Lantern

Unfortunately, Halloween is different this year than usual. From dressed up Trick or Treat and from door to door to home on the couch. No worries! In this blog post I give all kinds of fun tips to make this day a Special Halloween!

Are you with small(er) children at home? Then the game Throw a Jack O'Lantern is for you! The only thing you need extra is a dice.

Download the game , save and print one set per person. Cut out all the parts together, and arrange them in trays or bags.

Its turn rolls the dice, see which part belongs to which number, choose one and place it on the Jack O'Lantern. Are you rolling a number that you have rolled before? Then the turn passes to the next player and you wait for your turn again. Keep rolling until you've completed the Jack O'Lantern with 2 eyes, a mouth, nose and two decorations. Then clean it all up and play again!

Do you use this freebie as a game during Halloween? super cool! Share your photo on social media with #beezonderehalloween 😍