Voor jou: Printable Dagschema

For you: Printable Daily Schedule

I'm not very good with agendas. Every year I buy another one, and at the end of every year it ends up in the trash can almost without writing. Sin of course.

But I also have days when there are tons of things to do and then such a page from an agenda is quite handy. Since I hate waste, I thought; so that has to be different. I made this handy daily schedule for myself. I printed out a stack, and on the days I need it I grab one and write down my list. And I find it so handy that I would like to share it with you!

Download the image , print it out, cut it in half and voilà! Your own day agenda for when needed! Also nice to send to that chaotic girlfriend 😏 Do you use this freebie at home or at the office? Cool! Then share your photo on social media with #beezonder 😍