Gratis printable: Halloween versiering

Free printable: Halloween decoration

Suddenly my 3-year-old son came home to tell me that it's almost Halloween and what all that entails 😂 I was still under the impression that this party would only be discussed in a few years, so I had exactly 0 in the house to even to create some Halloween atmosphere 😅 Since I'm not the type who wants to stock up on decorations for a small fortune, I started making garlands myself. And then of course it's so nice if you can enjoy this too 🙌🏼

What do you need?

• The free printable
• Sturdy printing paper
• Colored paper
• Cord
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Adhesive tape
• Possibly wiggle eyes to decorate

Download the free printable , save if necessary, print on sturdy paper and cut them out. Trace the figures onto the colored paper and cut out as many as you need.

Decorate with wiggly eyes or draw cute faces on them yourself. Stick the figures on the back of the rope and hang your garland!

Don't feel like working with rope and nails? The figures are of course also very nice! 😍

Lots of fun!