Gratis printable: Chocoladeletter slinger

Free printable: Chocolate letter garland

Sinterklaas is almost back in the country and so Sint and Piet can be welcomed 🤗 As always I like affordable and so I went back to work. This time: a chocolate letter garland 🙌🏼

What do you need?

• The free printable
• Sturdy printing paper
• Colored paper
• Cord
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Adhesive tape

Download the free printable , save if necessary, print on sturdy paper and cut them out. Trace the letters mirror image onto the colored paper and cut out.

Decorate to your heart's content with paint, stick figures, stickers. Stick the letters on the back of the rope and hang your garland!

Don't feel like having to cut 2 times? On white paper and then coloring is of course also possible! 😍

Also nice: The free Sinterklaas countdown calendar.

Lots of fun!