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Special Halloween πŸŽƒ

Make it a Special Halloween!

Saturday, October 31 is Halloween. Although this typical American party is not yet fully established in our country, more and more is being done. Think of Trick or Treat in the residential areas, elaborate decorations and grand Halloween parties. Well, that won't be the case this year, of course. But to make this day a party anyway, I've collected some fun ideas for you to just make it an AWESOME Halloween!

Just dress up in your Halloween costume

The big party may not be able to take place with many people at the same time, but why not just dress up? Together with your housemates, pull out your costume, paint your face, decorate the house , make those wonderfully spooky Halloween snacks and just keep the party small and cozy.

Watch a spooky movie

Close the curtains, settle on the couch with a Halloween drink and enjoy (in your costume) a (cozy) creepy Halloween movie! There are plenty of fun movies for different ages. Think of House of Haunted Hill, Halloween, Goosebumps, Ghostbusters, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus to Pooh's Lollipop Halloween for the little ones.

Play a Halloween game

Simple but nice; The game Would you rather..? In Halloween style of course! The game is ideal because you can play it with 2 but just as well with 10 people. Do you want to play with several people who are not (or cannot be) in your house? Then use a video call to play the game at a safe distance! To make it easy for you I've created 30 Would you rather... positions in Halloween style for you to play. Click here for the game .

Are you with small(er) children at home? Then the game Roll a Jack O'Lantern is for you! The only thing you need extra is a dice. Click here for the game .

Trick or Treat

And of course last but not least: My Trick or Treat Sweet Halloween Sale. Do you not feel like hassle at all, or do you want to withdraw from all the hustle and bustle and enjoy great discounts? Register now for the Sweet Halloween Sale on October 31 . Then you can score nice items (in Halloween costume) for creepy low prices!

I hope this gave you some fun ideas to make it another spooky Halloween! Do you take nice pictures? COOL! Use #beezonderehalloween to share your fun with others 😍

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