4 oktober: Dierendag

October 4: Animal Day

October 4 is World Animal Day. And where one says that the cat is a full-fledged family member, the other says I shouldn't think about all that mess in my house 😂 We don't have any pets ourselves at the moment, but when the children are a bit older there will probably be again a hairy thing coming into the house. Until then I will put (home) animals in the spotlight in other ways. Do you also want to do something for an animal? Then read on quickly.

• Birds in the garden or on your balcony? Put down a bowl of bird food or hang up a fat ball or peanut garland for these pleasant visitors.
• Does a hedgehog ever scurry through your garden? Put some milk in a saucer and put it in a sheltered place.
• Insects are indispensable in nature and yet many species are thinning out. If you want to give them a helping hand, hang an insect hotel.
• Do you have fresh vegetable waste? Take a nice walk to the deer to spoil them with this.
• Neighborhood cats naturally have their own home, but instead of chasing the neighbour's cat out of the garden, put a few cat treats on his favorite lying spot on Animal Day.
• Does one of your neighbors have a dog that you hear barking a little too often? Give a tennis ball or special chew rope for animal day. Maybe the beast is bored to death and will be quiet from now on 😏
• Hand in hand, a bag of stale bread: feeding ducks. Who didn't grow up with it? But that bread is not good for ducks at all. You can feed them, for example, peas or corn in moderation.

You see, with a little something you can do a lot for animals. It is useful, if you give animals something to eat in your garden or on your balcony, to remove it from the ground at the end of the day. Otherwise you will be completely unwanted with an army of house mice 🐭