Duurzame dinsdag

Sustainable Tuesday

Tuesday 1 September is Sustainable Tuesday. And what better day for me to blog about than today?! After all, sustainability is priority number 1 for Beezonder. All our textiles have a sustainability label, our paper has a quality mark, and our inks are water-based. But what all this entails is often not entirely clear to many people. In this blog I will tell you more about it!

The bags

The bags are made of 100% unbleached cotton. Sustainability starts here! Because the cotton is not bleached, it retains its original 'neutral' color. It has a bit of a yellowish undertone, but because of this you already know that you have something good in your hands. On the label you can read that it is ethically produced, in other words, the employees are well taken care of, and it is AZO free, which means that no harmful dyes have been used. Of course this is not the case with the unbleached cotton variants anyway, but Westford Mill also has various colors in its range ;)

The toiletry bags

The toiletry bags were also previously made of 100% unbleached cotton canvas. Recently we can add that they are made of 100% unbleached organic - cotton canvas! Cotton canvas is nothing but cotton, but coarser woven. The organic cotton toiletry bags are also ethically produced and AZO free.

The t shirts

Stanley & Stella shirts are GOTS certified. Only textile products containing at least 70% organic fibers can obtain this certificate. All chemical inputs such as dyes and auxiliaries used must meet strict criteria, and the choice of accessories is also limited.

The paper

The cards are made of uncoated and unbleached two-sided brown kraft cardboard. This paper has an FCS certification. This forest certification endorsement program is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems.

The inks

I print with SICO SX inks. This is a completely water-based screen printing ink, completely solvent-free. This makes it very environmentally friendly. In addition, it contains no solvents, no heavy metals or harmful pigments and no PVC.

The shipping packaging

Well, of course I wear out a lot as a webshop. But here too I contribute! I may buy the letterbox boxes new, but the cardboard is recyclable. You can also reuse the box yourself to send something or as a handy gift box, win-win moment! For the parcel boxes I go to the local supermarket. I asked if I could pick up a stack of boxes once in a while. They thought it was a great idea, otherwise it would end up in the cardboard press. And the boxes I receive myself with online orders, of course I also reuse them 💛

Well, I hope this has given you some clarity about sustainability at Beezonder!