Gratis printable: Paaszakjes! 🐰

Free printable: Easter bags! 🐰

It's almost Easter again and the Easter eggs can't be dragged here 😋 To prevent that scale from being endlessly grabbed, I made these cute cones so that I determine how many chocolate eggs are eaten (because if it's up to the children lies 🙄 ). Fun for the little ones to color during Easter breakfast if you don't like painting eggs!

What do you need?

• The free printable
• Sturdy printing paper
• Colored pencils or markers
• Scissors
• Adhesive tape or double sided tape
• Easter eggs to fill!

Download the free printable , save if necessary and print on sturdy paper.

Color the bag as pretty as you can!

Cut out the bag, roll into a cone and stick with adhesive tape or double-sided tape.

Fill your bag with your favorite Easter eggs 😍

Lots of fun!