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  • Geplaatst door DrottNear - test pages #1
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  • Geplaatst door 카지노사이트
    It goes beyond compliments. I've had a guy compliment me, and it's nice but I'm the type where I've always felt uncomfortable to be put on the spot like that (long story but this ties into my childhood). However, it's nice to hear. 
    Then I've had a guy, without asking me directly through other people, find out what things I liked, what I wanted in life, my favorite things, what books I've read, what movies I loved, my goals and dreams just so he could go a step further - which by the way, got my attention!
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  • Geplaatst door 카지노
    like "You look gorgeous in that dress", or "That nail polish looks amazing on those beautiful fingers of yours", but don't overdo it though. It sounds genuine and I can say this with guarantee, no one has ever complimented her like that, and she will think of you whenever she wears that dress or nail-polish again.
    You can say how good looking a girl is all day long. There are so many pretty, even beautiful girls. But honestly she's heard that before. If you really take notice of her and what she wants, likes, needs, and you use that to get closer to her (with honorable intentions behind it) it will blow her away. It goes beyond compliments. 
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  • Geplaatst door 바카라사이트
    show what you genuinely feel and everything will be good. I hope i have given the answer to your question.
    Common compliments or comments are too boring. If a girl is beautiful, it is likely that she has heard "You are very beautiful" throughout her entire life. You telling that again won't make much of a difference. Rather comment on her dress, nail-polish, earings, eyelashes, etc. Say something situational,
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  • Geplaatst door 카지노사이트
    Since there are different types of girls, we cannot arrive at a general conclusion. But a bit of poetry, a bit of thoughtfulness and soulfulness of the words and a break from objectifying comments should be the foundation. This is what girls (or shall we say, women?) mostly like.
    My friend which comment girls like the most may be difficult to tell because it is something which changes from person to person, but i can tell you which are the comments which you should not say to a girl.
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  • Geplaatst door 바카라사이트
    You are as beautiful a person from within as you are on the outside. You compliment yourself.
    A strong and independent woman will appreciate comments that are genuine, that will help them grow, that talk about their personality other than mere attractiveness of physical attributes. There should be a personal touch to the comment, in real or virtual world.
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  • Geplaatst door Edwardlealk
    Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it
  • Geplaatst door Charlesutesk
    Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it
  • Geplaatst door Alida
    Ontzettend gave producten op jullie site! Geniet van jullie mooie jongens! Groetjes Alida :
  • Geplaatst door Sofiawep
    Hello, I want to work in your company on a voluntary basis, can you offer me anything?
    a little about me:
  • Geplaatst door Renee
    Toppers! Er was iets fout gegaan maar ze hebben het prima opgelost! Ik ben helemaal blij
  • Geplaatst door Patricia van Dijk
    Vorige week een kadootje besteld voor een vriendin haar verjaardag en direct naar haar op laten sturen. De verzenverpakking was al feestelijk, en het kadootje was zonder extra kosten prachtig ingepakt. De jarige noemde het een dubbel kadootje om uit te pakken Super bedankt voor de snelle en fijne service!
  • Geplaatst door Rianne Bosland
    Beste creatievelingen, ik kwam jullie leuke producten tegen bij Hebikvia in Gouda. Sommige prints op jullie producten lenen zich volgens mij ook heel goed op t-shirts voor grotere kinderen (spiderman bijvoorbeeld). Misschien een idee voor de toekomst? Zou leuk zijn!
  • Geplaatst door Nikky Looij
    Leuke kalender met orginele teksten, mooi papier & persoonlijk geleverd in de brievenbus! Super leuk!
  • Geplaatst door Kate
    Supersnelle en fijne service! Dankjewel!
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